WhosOn 2012 Release Notes

Current Build 12.2.6 - Date Posted: 6th August 2012


To obtain the latest build, choose Help - Check For Updates in the WhosOn Administrator, or click here to login to the Customer Area.

To check which service pack you currently have see the Server Status tab in the Administartor.


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Q2 2012 6th Aug 2012 WhosOn 2012 Q2

Main New Features
- Added additional options to the chat routing to handle different types of chat request treatment. It is now possible to queue chats in this way if all operators are busy, and escalate important chats to other skill groups.
- Added proxy options tab to the client.
- Added template for visitor transcript email.
- Added server option to include visit details in administrator transcript email.
- Added “anonymity” options to allow IP addresses to be prevented from storage, or to ask the visitor if it is OK to store the chat session.
- Added operator “wrap-up” to obtain chat disposition from the operator during, or at the end of the chat session.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with Export to Excel.
- Fixed issues with Canned Response Services.
- Fixed issues with the Visit Detail not updating correctly when inside a chat session.
- Fixed bug in chat text rules not handling “OR” rules correctly.
- Fixed some issues in the gateway with the IP mapping.
- Fixed some issues in the chat with strings xml text not coming through correctly.
Q1 201222 19th Jan 2012 WhosOn 2012 Q1

Main New Features
- Server-based canned responses that allow you to create canned responses that are shared with other users in your organization. Canned responses are now arrange in a hierarchical manner to allow for more complex response setups.
- Operator-to-operator chat rooms can be created. This allows users to join a group-chat wit other WhosOn users within the same organization. Group chats are stored in the WhosOn Database

- Line feeds in chat. You can now enter a line feed in the chat text by pressing Ctrl+Enter. Line feeds are sent to the visitor.
- X-Forwarded-For header support inside the chat window.
- Multi-Language Site Support. Added language specific site strings file to allow multiple translations within a site.
- Exclusions - limit of 100 IP exclusions per site has been removed.
- Email sending - added support for Secure SMTP (such as Google Mail).
- Form-Field tracking - now update in the visit details in real time.
- GEO-IP Updated to January 2012.

- See the on-line help page for details of new features.

Q3 2011 7th Sept 2011 WhosOn 2011 Q3 Released

Main New Features
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Support.
- Chat Text Rules Support.
- Server Side Chat Transfer Script.
- HTTPS Proxy for Client.

- WhosOn Gateway FastCGI now supports multiple simultaneous processes.
- Prospect Detection can now trigger multiple times per visitor / session.
- Chat Routing can now cancel chat sessions, or select department / user.
- Client can now display a timestamp during the chat session.

- See the on-line help page for details of new features.

Q2 2011 4th April 2011 WhosOn 2011 Q2 Released

Main New Features
- Customer support ticketing added (Enterprise Edition).
- Tickets can be created via web form, chat sessions or received emails.
- Automated skills based ticket distribution rules based on content.

- WhosOn Client uses new Office 2010 interface style.
- Improved monthly summary view shows more days and aligns weekends for previous month comparison.
- Top keywords/referrers show in summary view.
- Can now play different sound in response to existing chat sessions.
- WhosOn Gateway can now be run as part of IIS using the fastcgi interface.
- Chat window support for IE9.
- GEO-IP database updated to April 2011

- See the on-line help page for details of new features.

Q1 2011 14th Feb 2011 WhosOn 2011 Q1 Released

Main New Features:

- Skills based chat routing
- Multiple levels of prospect detection
- Visitor condition builder
- Enchanced chat routing
- Operator photos on chat window
- Visitors can upload files during chats (with operator permission)
- Operators can request assistance from managers during chats
- Managers can define auto-accept chat options for operators
- Improved server performance when handling large numbers of visitors.
- See the on-line help page for details of new features.
- GEO-IP Updated To Quarter 1 2011.


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