WhosOn Installable Edition Introduction

WhosOn Live Chat Server
WhosOn is an all-in-one software solution for: Live Visitor Tracking, Live Visitor Chat, Proactive Visitor Engaging, Prospect Detection, Real Time Customer Support Ticketing, Live Web Analytics & More...

WhosOn Introduction - Visitor Tracking, Customer Support & Live Chat Software

WhosOn is an all-in-one software solution for: Live Web Statistics, Live Visitor Chat, Proactive Visitor Engaging, Prospect Detection, Live Web Analytics, Real Time Customer Support Ticketing & More...

WhosOn can be used by any business that has a website. It allows you to track visitor activity on your website in real time, to engage online customers and it allows your visitors to chat to operators within your business as they are browsing. Visitors can request live chat sessions with operators without leaving your site or downloading anything.


WhosOn will help to get more sales & conversions, improve customer support, help to improve website usability and get the best ROI from your on-line advertising.


A Solution For All Types & Sizes Of Business

> Installable Version
You can buy WhosOn outright and run it on your own server. A self contained live visitor tracking and live chat software solution with no on-going costs. The Installable version enables you to monitor live stats, view web analytics reports and provide visitor live chat on any number of websites. The Installable version requires you to have a Windows 2003/2008 Server (this doesn't need to be the server that your website is hosted on) with a dedicated Internet connection. Operator clients available for Windows, Mac, Web or iPhone. Learn More >

> Hosted Version
All the features of the Installable, but with the ease of setup of a hosted service. Can be used on any website. Operator Clients can use Windows, Mac, Web or iPhone. Learn More >

> ISP Edition
The WhosOn ISP Edition is aimed at Hosting business, ISP's, ISV's, Web Designers and Content Management providers. A self-hosted solution for live stats & live chat allowing you to offer the service to your own customers. The ISP edition offers excellent revenue potential with little up-front costs. Learn More >


Real Time Web Visitor Tracking With Live Stats

You can track up to the second visitor activity on your web sites. You can instantly view information about key visitors. You can also monitor visitors filling in web forms or clicking links... and you can see when visitors leave your site in real time. more...
Live Web Stats

Proactively Engage Online Customers

You can send visitors proactive 'Invite' requests asking them if they need assistance.. WhosOn can even send automatic invites based on what the visitor has searched for or which pages they have viewed. You can also create Dynamic Invites for specific invitation types (special offers etc). more...
Engage Visitors

Live Chat

WhosOn includes a full featured live chat server as standard, allowing you to easily add secure live chat functionality to your websites. Use live chat to enable your visitors to communicate with you as they browse. This can help to increase sales and conversions and improve customer support. more...

Chat Features:
  • Multiple operators.
  • Department specific chat.
  • Transfer chats between operators.
  • Operator to operator chat.
  • Operator to operator training mode.
  • Integrated spell check.
  • Visitor and operator 'typing' status.
  • Canned responses.
  • Push pages to visitor.
  • Custom background, logo and chat images.
  • Visitors can request emailed transcript.
  • Automatic 'leave a message' form.
  • Multi-language chat window.
  • Live chat translation.
  • Fast, flicker free, firewall friendly, AJAX based.
  • Secure live chat.
  • Co-browse.
  • Pre Pre & Post chat surveys.
  • Skills based chat routing.
  • Send files to visitors whilst chatting (PDFs, etc).
  • Full text search & reporting on chat transcripts.
  • Operator performance reporting.
Live Chat

Real Time Customer Support Ticketing

Live chat sessions can be escalated to the ticketing system. Tickets can also be created manually, via a web based form and imported directly from emails (via Email2DB). Tickets can include any number of custom fields and attachments. Features automated skills-based ticket distribution. Ticket responses are delivered to customers via threaded email. more...
Support Ticketing

Click To Call Back

Visitors on your web site click click a link to request a call back from someone in your organization via a simple form. WhosOn automatically notifies operators via popup, email and/or SMS that they need to make a call back at the correct time. All call back requests and visitor contact information are stored in the WhosOn database.
If you use Skype VOIP, you can even call the visitor directly from within the WhosOn Client.
Click To Call Back

Remote Control

During live chat sessions you can offer your visitor the option of a full remote desktop sharing session. You can see and control the visitor's desktop. Help complete checkout forms or help with any pc or software related problems. more...
Live Chat With Remote Control

CRM Integration

Send chat transcripts, call back requests & visitor prospects to your CRM system. CRM users can view all live chat sessions. Currently supports Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Live Chat CRM Integration

Monitor PPC Campaigns

WhosOn enables you to track visitors based on the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign that they used to find your site. You can create real-time 'Alerts' for each PPC campaign and you can view historical analysis reports.
Track PPC

Monitor Prospects

WhosOn can watch for visitors that view certain key pages on your site and spend x minutes viewing. This can be over multiple visits. WhosOn can then flag these visitors as 'prospects' and alert you in real time. WhosOn can send custom invite messages to prospects. You can also run reports showing the number of prospects per PPC campaign, referrer and keyword.
Monitor Prospects

Work from your iPhone

You can monitor your website and your operators in real time from your iPhone, and participate in live chats. Supervise your operators whilst you are on the move, or take the sessions yourself! more...
Monitor Prospects
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