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Add Chat Link to Facebook Pages (not Profiles)

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Topic: Add Chat Link to Facebook Pages (not Profiles)
Posted By: Daniel Horton
Subject: Add Chat Link to Facebook Pages (not Profiles)
Date Posted: 22 Feb 2012 at 10:10am
You can use WhosOn to track visitors and add live chat to your company Facebook page.

Please note that the following information cannot be added to Facebook Profiles. It can only be added to Facebook pages such as Business, Musician pages or Groups.

WhosOn's chat link and tracking code can be added to a Facebook page by using third party Static HTML applications. One that we here at Parker Software suggest is an application called "Static HTML: iframe tabs". Below I will talk you through the steps of adding this to your pages and implementing our chat link and tracking code to one of your Facebook Pages.

1. Go to the Home page of your Facebook profile while logged in.
2. Within the Search option at the top of the page enter "Static HTML: iframe tabs" and commit the search.
3. You will then see a list of applications. Please find "Static HTML: iframe tabs" from the list and select "Go to App". This will launch a list of your pages within Facebook.
4. From the list select the page that you wish to use for your "Static HTML: iframe tabs" application. 
5. You will then be re-directed through to your Facebook page and you will see a link on the left to a page named "Welcome".
6. Select the "Welcome" link and you will then see the "Static HTML: iframe tabs" application front end. This is where you are able to add HTML, JavaScript and CSS to your specific page.
7. Now go into your WhosOn Client -> Options -> Create Tracking Code and highlight the content within this area and copy and paste to the "Enter your content here" field of the application.
8. If you wish for the chat to only be visible to users of Facebook that have liked your page, then only enter the tracking code into the section marked "[Optional] Fans-only content".
9. Now click the "save changes" button and this will commit the code to that page.

Optional Steps:

Wish to alter the name of the tab within your page?

1. Go to "Edit Info" within your Facebook page.
2. Select "Apps" from the list on the list.
3. Now look for the application named "Static HTML: iframe tabs"
4. Select "Edit Settings".
5. You can now enter your own tab name into the "Custom Tab Name" field and then select "Save".

Wish to have a specific page name show in WhosOn for visitors to your Facebook page?

Modify the sWOPage value within your tracking code. By default this is not set but it can be added to the tracking code quite easily. In the below example I will set the page to be "Facebook Page", please look at how I have added this to a sample of tracking code from Whoson:

<!-- Embedded WhosOn: Insert the script below at the point on your page where you want the Click To Chat link to appear -->
<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>
<script type='text/javascript' >
sWOPage = 'Facebook Page';
if(typeof sWOTrackPage=='function')sWOTrackPage();
<!-- End of embedded WhosOn -->

Notice the additional sWOPage = 'Facebook Page'; within the tracking code that I have added. 

Wish to embed the chat application within the Facebook page?

Using the HTML element known as iframe, you can embed the chat application straight into the page. This can be done using the following code:

<iframe src="" height=425px width=525px></></iframe>

Simply replace the src= to suit your chat's URL. If you are un-sure of this, then it can be found within the Options -> Site Properties -> Visitor Chat -> Manual Link. 

You will not need any of the HTML around the URL, just the part I have highlighted below:

By default the URL will contain chatstart.htm but for use within an iframe this will need to be altered to .aspx. 

You may wish to hide the tracking code's click to chat link with this in place. This can be done by regenerating the tracking code so that it has the option set to 'Track pages but do not display a click to chat link".

Your implementation will then look like this:

See: - for more information.

Best Regards,

Daniel James Horton

Technical Manager

Parker Software

Posted By: Birdy
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 4:55pm
 I now see the Parker Software Facebook Page in the timeline design. I do not see in this design the new "Whoson Chat button (on the left side in the orld design) at all.

But in the new design there is  new chat Client

It looks that it is only the facebook Visitor/ Fan how can start Coversation.

But does (in the future) facebook offer an open interface so it would be able to use the whoson client for the chat we do use for our conversation (and the Process around)?

This would be a big market in future for whoson an a requirement of Comanies using Facebook fanpages. It it impossible to handle a doozen or hundreds of chats on the facebook "surface".

Facebook Chat with fans will blast because the wall can be moderated now. So there will be the need to contact fans directly if you won´t allow the fans post on your wall.
Will there be an interface whoson Facebook in future?

Posted By: Daniel Horton
Date Posted: 10 Apr 2012 at 9:46am
Due to the newly implemented Timeline layout of Facebook, the link has altered its position to within the list of items held in the menu section. It is the item within the drop down on the right section:

Best Regards,

Daniel James Horton

Technical Manager

Parker Software

Posted By: Birdy
Date Posted: 30 Jul 2012 at 4:19pm
The App does not appear one the mobile Versions of Facebook. But may users (up to 50%) use facebook by smartphone. Will there be a mobile App too?

Posted By: Daniel Horton
Date Posted: 03 Aug 2012 at 11:38am
I believe this is a limitation to the Pages area not yet allowing applications installed in your Pages to show within the mobile application of Facebook.

For your interest though - WhosOn will soon be having a mobile version of the web chat for visitors that better suits the display of a mobile device. This will run in all major mobile browsers. ETA to be confirmed at the moment though.

Best Regards,

Daniel James Horton

Technical Manager

Parker Software

Posted By: Birdy
Date Posted: 03 Aug 2012 at 12:47pm
so we have to wait if Facebook will allow to use  applications (without licence fees) on mobile devices.

Looking forward for the whoson mobile chat window (for the visitor). At the moment it doesn´t fit good on mobile screens (for ex samsung s 2).
When the visitor is typing he hardly sees what he is typing because the "keyboard" takes most of the screen.

We have to optimize the size of our invites too (a bit to big for mobile devices)   - or will this be made made by an whoson algorhythm?

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